Cyber Security

As cyber threats grow in number and complexity, so does your cyber security risk.  Cyber security solutions are critical in protecting an organization’s information security.  Additionally, legislation now obliges many organizations to report eligible data breaches within a set time frame.  Scorpion Group provides comprehensive and systematic visibility of your security posture and cyber maturity level.

Cyber TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures)

Industrial espionage is highly prevalent in today’s business landscape. The secrets of any company are vulnerable to theft from competitors as well as foreign intelligence services. Spying of this kind can occur in many ways: mobile and office phones can be tapped, offices can be bugged, and even vehicles are often found to be targets. Another common avenue used in industrial espionage, often overlooked, is the use of malware in the targeting of work computers and business networks. In such situations, Incident Response can be combined with TSCM to provide the most thorough investigation.

Our law enforcement experience has made us familiar with all forms of espionage and social engineering attacks. We have used advanced intelligence-gathering devices in our law enforcement careers and continue to utilize our skills for the purpose of counterintelligence. We can respond to suspicions of physical eavesdropping devices as well as their digital counterparts.

Cyber Risk Analytics(CRA)

Cyber Risk Analytics is the standard for actionable data breach intelligence, risk ratings and supply chain monitoring. Avoid costly risk assessments while acting quickly to proactively protect your most critical information assets. Don’t let security gaps of other organizations affect you.

With CRA, organizations can continuously monitor their vendors, their competition, or themselves in order to prioritize security controls and examine data breach trends occurring in the industry or within their own supply chain.

Digital Forensics


Scorpion Group provides expert computer forensic services to attorneys, businesses, and individuals. We collect, preserve, and analyze evidence in criminal and civil cases. We also provide our clients with preventative forensic services and education on the legal and technical issues surrounding electronically stored information.

Data Recovery


Scorpion Group has over a decade of experience in recovering data from all device types including RAID, hard disk drive, flash drives, and more. Our experienced engineers have seen every device failure scenario and boast an overall 96% success rate. We invest heavily in our Research and Development to create and implement innovative data recovery methods for existing and emerging media on the market. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve in a competitive market in addition to our numerous certifications make us the most reliable data recovery service in the industry.

Bug Sweeping


From more aggressive counter-surveillance measures, for big corporations, that are likely to fall victim of bugging, to milder ad-hoc sweeping for the individual who simply wants peace of mind, Scorpion Group can offer advanced and professionals bug sweeping services designed for any potential scenario.